Amino Blast

Amino Blast

Arginine/ Carnitine/ Taurine/ Lysine/ Proline/ Acetylcysteine/ Ornithine/ Citrulline 75/25/15/30/15/30/50/50/10mg .

This injectable is a combination of several naturally beneficial amino acids as well as acetylcysteine. This compound contains the dominant amino acids in the human body, which allow for muscle development, increased protein synthesis, energy increase, as well as bone/joint health, and increased respiratory circulation.

Benefits of this injectable are immeasurable in terms of replenishing muscle fibers, tissue, and endurance. Typically, after a workout, one tends to experience muscle soreness, slight fatigue, and recovery from this can take a day or even several days. Once this supplement is regularly used pre-workout or even post-workout, recovery times are decreased along with allowing the body to allocate necessary proteins to the correct cells in the body, providing the means of increased energy, muscle tone/strength, endurance, performance, and respiratory function.

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